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Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut Shell Charcoal - Indonesia is one of the countries with the biggest potential in coconut in the world. Coconut is known as the “tree of life”. Everything that comes from coconut can be harnessed into a more useful products, from the roots to the leaves. Coconut shell charcoal (arang batok) is one of the end products from coconut processing industry with a fairly good export value.

Currently, our company has sources of coconut shell charcoal supply. One is the product our company selves, and we also collect from other coconut-producing farmer in Sulawesi, Indonesia. In the production process, we are very concerned with the quality of the products. From the collection of raw materials process to the packaging process, every single process is done carefully and cautiously. Our company works together with the farmers  in raw material processing, until the final product (coconut shell charcoal). We scout the cooperation between our company with the suppliers as good as possible, thus allowing our company to give guidance and refinements in the production process, in which the final products will be guaranteed to be bought by NURARIA.

Our coconut shell charcoal specification:

  • Water content (moisture): <14%
  • Ash content (ash): <2%
  • Maturity levels (volatile matter): <14​​%
  • Levels of carbon (fixed carbon): >75%
(coconut charcoal)